Projects undertaken by the club and specific focus areas covered by Rotary’s avenues of service, from it’s formation in the year 1997 are listed below. Some of these projects are ongoing.

Community Service(Development/Health)
  • Supported organizations involved in Vermi culture
  • Distributes food packets to senior citizens as part of Elder’s Day Celebration
  • Provided an Iron box and Micro loan facility (Rs. 30,000) was provided to a needy person
  • Donated a baking oven at a cost of Rs.40,000/- to an Ashram at Tiruvannamalai
  • Donated medicines (5000 tablets) to Rotary Medical centre at Ambattur
  • Organised 4 blood donation camps where 120 units of blood were collected
  • Donated 15 cots costing Rs.25,000/- to the Women and Children Hospital,Egmore. Cradles and toys for babies were also donated.
  • Donated an Ambulance costing Rs.10,000/- as part of our District ‘s project
Health Camps
  • 7 Eye camps were conducted. 400 persons benefitted from same. Medicines and spectacles were distributed Sponsored cataract surgeries to needy patients identified during screening camps
  • 7 Diabetes screening camps have been conducted.Distributed medicines and referred critical patients to concerned hospitals
  • A dental camp was organised for slum dwellers. 15 persons had their problematic teeth extracted during the camp
  • 5 skin check-up camps were conducted for under-privileged community
  • Generally health camps are conducted with the help of Montfort Community Development Society an NGO

Click here for details of Health camp at the Perungudi Panchayat on 18th August 2013


  • Started with yearly donation of Rs. 1000/- per member to The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
  • Migrated to donation of 100 dollars per member every year
  • Total contribution so far amounts to Rs. 530,000/-
  • Club sold 4000 greeting cards, proceeds of which were donated to Foundation
  • Amounts contributed to the Foundation are utilised by RI for funding projects done all over the world by Rotary clubs ,through their Matching grants programme.

A major part is used for the flagship project of RI and its passionate mission,namely eradication of Polio.

Our club actively participates in the National Immunisation project organised by the Govt. of India every year, under the guidance of the World Health Organisation and works with the health department of the Corporation of Chennai,in implementing this project,The camps under this project are held normally twice a year and the day on which these are held are called NIDs.Booster doses are given to babies and hence it is called “Polio plus” campaign.

The club members contribute to this effort by providing refreshments to the Corporation volunteers who administer the oral polio vaccination and publicity support.On the NID,members visit the vaccination booths in their area and help the volunteers.

Vocational Recognition

As part of it’s Vocational Service ,Club recognises every year eminent persons in society who have distinguished themselves in their vocations or in community service.An award with citation is conferred on the recipient during the Charter-nite function of the club. Details of these awards can be seen in the “Awards” page.

Artificial Limbs donation
  • Working with Andhra Mahila Sabha, Adyar, Chennai in identifying deserving candidates as recipients of artificial limbs/calipers. Andhra Mahila Sabha is a premier women’s organisation that works for the education, health care, upliftment, empowerment and old age care of the downtrodden of the society,women in particular
  • Recipients are accident victims or Polio affected persons
  • So far approx 100 persons have been benefited
  • All donations have been sponsored by club members and well wishers
  • Approximately more than 2 lakh rupees has been spent on this project
  • This is, incidentally, an on-going project
  • Club also provided 2 wheel chairs to physically challenged persons.

Click here for details of Artificial Limb Project at Ranipet on 14th September 2012

Rainwater Harvesting
  • The club provided a Rainwater collection system to a Childrens’ Home run by The East West Foundation of India at Kadapakkam, a fishing village, about 100kms. from Chennai, on the East Coast Road. The East West Foundation of India is a charitable and educational foundation committed to working towards the development and empowerment of the socially and economically marginalised communities in rural India, through a range of initiatives in Health care, Education, Child rights and relief, Community development and Environmental sustainability
  • This has been the biggest project so far undertaken by the club
  • The project cost was Rs. 8.75 lakhs
  • The club’s contribution was Rs. 200,000. The balance funds were organised under Rotary Foundation’s matching grant scheme
  • Rotary Club of Monash, Australia, was the international partner for this project
  • The aim of the project is to collect rainwater from the roof of a dormitory provided for the children and store the same in five tanks totalling to a capacity of 50,000 litres
  • The system consists of an elaborate network of water channels,pipes,filters,etc
  • The water collected can sustain the needs of the Home for about 5 months
  • The project team comprised of following Rotarians: Rtn.Tom Flintoff, member of the Rotary club of Monash, Australia. Rtns.Raja Kuppusaami, Ramakrishnan and Ravindran of our club
  • The project was conceived in end 2006 and completed in early 2009. It is a combination of the three avenues of Vocational,Community and International Services of Rotarians
  • The club continues to maintain the system which is functioning well from 2009 and has saved the Foundation a lot of money which was spent to purchase potable water
  • The project is the first of its kind in the District
Hunger Alleviation
  • The club has been feeding the poor and hungry on a regular basis
  • An anonymous well-wisher from Mumbai keeps sending money to the club for poor feeding every 6 months
  • Poor feeding is carried out in various institutes for destitute persons
  • The club donated INR 104,000 to the chief minister’s Anna Dhanam Fund in year 2003. Club members also feed destitute people on special occasions like wedding day etc
  • The hostel inmates of St. Patrick’s school, are fed lunch/dinner twice a year.
  • Co-sponsored a Mega Agricultural Seminar at Gudiyattam at a cost of Rs. 150,000/-
  • A second seminar was sponsored at Perambalur. Total no of participants were 2000
  • Sponsored a seminar on Environmental Awareness for students of MGR Janaki College
  • Awareness seminar on Waste Management was conducted at Govt Staff Quarters, Palavakkam
Drinking Water
  • Provision of chilled water to 2000 school children at St Patrick’s School
  • Rain water collecting system at Children’s Home at Uluru, Kadappakkam
  • Sanitary and drinking water provision at Govt High School, Kumizhi panchayat, Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu
  • Potable water facility with filteration plant provided at St.Patrick’s primary school
Differently abled persons
  • Provided a cycle rickshaw and artificial limbs to a accident victim
  • Sponsored education fees (varying from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 12,000) to visually challenged students
  • Supported hostel of visually challenged women at a cost of Rs. 12,000
  • Sponsored Olympiad for visually challenged
  • Sponsored education expenses of Deaf and Dumb students from CSI school for Deaf and Dumb
  • Sponsored participants for Olympiad and Marathon of differently abled persons
  • Placement for a speech-impaired persons at Chennai Mathematical Institute and New college
  • Recognised Ms.Revathee,who participated and won in an International dancing competition ,at the Paralympics held in Seoul, South Korea.
International Service
  • Hosted a High Tea party to GSE team from Alaska Screened 3 candidates and selected one person for GSE team
    Rtns K V Krishnan, Ramamurthy, Ravichandran, Sultan Ismail, Seshan and Ravindran attend Rotary meetings when abroad
  • Sister club arrangement was finalised with Rotary club of Monash, Australia
  • Rtn.K.Ravindran attended the Rotary International Convention at Montreal,Canada in June 2010
  • Rtn. K.Ravindran participated in Cricket carnivals conducted by the International Fellowship of Cricket loving Rotarians at Sydney,Australia in 2004 and Colombo,Sri Lanka in 2007
Recognition of Teachers

Club recognises Outstanding Teachers from St.Patrick’s school ,Adyar,Chennai and Panchayat School,Kumizhi ,Kancheepuram District , with cash awards and certificates of appreciation.Teachers from the community ,who have excelled in their fields are also recognised. Details can be seen in the “Awards” page.

  • Educational assistance to children from lower strata of society
  • Motivation for academic excellence to school children
  • Financial assistance to school children for meeting tuition fees, cost of books, uniform etc
Programmes at St.Patrick’s School

Various projects have been executed among which some are ongoing.
Projects executed:

  • Renovation of meeting room
  • Installation of Four-way test board near the entrance gate
  • Workshop on Leadership development for students in association with Toastmasters International of Chennai.

Ongoing projects:

  • Workshops on Public speaking skills
  • Career guidance seminars
  • Debate competitions
  • Quiz contests
    After above programs,prizes and certificates of appreciation are given to the students. Prizes are given for recognising academic excellence of students also. These are presented to the students on Childrens’ day. Club participates in the Teachers’ day celebrations of the school.
Special Projects
Schools Into Smiles
  • This was a project envisaged by Past District Governor Benjamin Cherian to identify corporation schools that have been neglected and convert them into places of learning
  • Govt High School at Kumizhi Panchayat was adopted by the club as part of Schools Into Smiles Project
  • Provision of classroom furniture
  • Donated a computer system
  • Provision of vessels for noon meal program
  • Construction of Toilet Block at a cost of 1 lakh Rupees (Enrolment and retention of girl students increased considerably after this)
  • Sponsored a servant maid to reach water to the school for 3 years at a cost of Rs. 7,000 per annum
  • Provision of bore well and overhead Tank for distribution of sanitary water to the toilet as well as purified drinking water. Cost of this project was Rs. 300,000
  • This is an on-going project of the club
Project Selvi
  • This was a project envisaged by Governor Venkatesh to provide vocational training to girls from poor families so that they can be financially independent.
  • This was a district Project, in which our club participated in a big way
  • Aim of the project was to impart vocational training to poor women so that they can sustain a livelihood on their own
  • Club identified about 30 women with the help of Montfort Community Development Society, an NGO
  • Sewing was identified as the vocation in which training will be imparted
  • Club sponsored training programs in 6 batches, each batch lasting for 6 weeks
  • District provided sewing machines for the training. One sewing machine was donated by the club to a self help group at K K Nagar, Chennai
  • Placement was also provided to the participants
  • Some beneficiaries are currently earning theirlivelihood with this vocation
  • Approximate cost of the project, so far, has been Rs. 20,000
  • This is an on-going project for the club